Making Summer Adventures a Reality!

We’re making plans for the summer! Can you help?

It’s hard to believe that we are nearly half way through this summer already. After 2 long years of pandemic uncertainty, it seems rather unfair that this somewhat back-to-normal summer should be flying by so fast!

Many of our youth don’t often leave the limits of our city. Low income and lack of access to resources means most can’t afford a day trip to a local amusement park, or even the gas to go to the beach for the day, let alone something as big as a weekend camping trip (the real epitome of a summer experience, right?).

We’re asking for your help in making these memorable events happen for our youth. These trips are less about just ‘doing something’ but rather are packed with moments of connection, relationship building and getting our youth out of their comfort zones.

Can you picture it: the ear to ear grin of pride as a youth climbs off of a rollercoaster that they were terrified to get onto? Or the feeling of accomplishment as another youth gets their very first bullseye during archery at camp! Or even just the sense of ‘this person cares about me’ as a youth walks with a staff down the shore’s edge of a sandy beach chatting a little bit about anything and everything.

These get-out-of-town, fly-through-the-sky, car-karaoke, leave-your-worries-behind kind of days are the ones that our youth need to help them thrive.

These are the kind of activities and memories we are hoping to make with our youth this summer! Many of our teens have grown up without these opportunities.

$25 will help provide a day trip to the beach!
$50 will help provide a trip to a local paintball & go-karting day trip!
$75 will cover the cost of a trip to Wonderland!
And $150 will cover the cost of an entire weekend of camping!

Last year we took the youth camping for the first time! We trekked up into the Muskoka area and introduced them to the rugged outdoors (okay, it wasn’t totally rugged, but to our city kids it was a BIG change). The youth were pushed out of their comfort zones and all tried something new. The result? No one wanted to leave at the end of the weekend. There was an air of pride and accomplishment for how they had pushed themselves to try new things and what they had overcome AND immense sense of gratitude for the trip as a whole and those who had generously given to make it happen.

“Definitely the best weekend of my life…For once in my life I actually felt at home like I didn’t need to be anywhere else! Archery for me was definitely the best activity for me! When I first picked up the bow and the first arrow I told myself ‘I’m gonna hit that bullseye’, well after many failed attempts I actually managed to do it with a few teachings from John! That moment made me learn a lot, you can’t do everything on your own without a little help to accomplish your goals… The camp was just beyond anything I imagined it would be!”

You can help make this summer a fun-filled reality for our youth. Just $25 will help provide a day trip to the beach for one of our youth this summer, $50 will help provide a day trip to a local paintball & go-kart spot or $150 will cover the cost of a weekend of camping! Every dollar counts and I would be so grateful if you would consider giving what you can to help make this summer a great one for our youth.

We cannot wait to head back out into the great outdoors with our youth this summer. I’m asking if you will thoughtfully consider making one of these summer opportunities happen for our youth! We’ve got a few great trips planned that they can choose from and we know will be a great time away.

Thank you for your commitment to building up Brantford’s youth by supporting Why Not! I hope you too are able to step away, learn something new, and have a great summer!

You can give through our donation page or select to purchase specific trips from the blocks below!