• There's nothing quite like getting out of the city and trading all your cares, burdens, and responsibilities behind for a day in the sun. Beach days are always a big hit! A simple, yet full day of sand and sun! But it's not without a small cost. $25 will cover the cost of a beach day trip for one youth.
  • Slipping and sliding down water slides, day dreaming while floating through a lazy river, or soaring to new heights (and then dropping!) on a roller coaster; a couple day trips to some local water parks and/or amusement parks is just what is needed to create some new experiences and long lasting memories with our youth! $50 will cover the cost of a trip to a local amusement park for one youth.
  • At the top of our wishlist is to take our youth camping for a weekend. It will be a first for us, and a first for many of our youth. A large number of our youth are close to aging out of the drop-in centre, so we want to take this weekend to really celebrate them, how far they've come and encourage them as they head into the next chapter of their lives. $100 will cover the cost of one youth for a weekend of camping.  
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