If you are a student who is in need of a placement site, consider Why Not Youth Centre! We accept students from all colleges and universities.

The young people who attend Why Not have a few things in common: almost all of them live in poverty, most only have contact with one or fewer of their parents, and even fewer have a safe, consistent place to live. In fact, half of the young people attending the centre are “mobile,” living in three or more places each year. Some of our teen community members report living in 15 or more places in a single year. While our organization is not a shelter and doesn’t have beds (yet!), we function like a community living room, so that, no matter how many places they sleep, we’re still the same. Some of the other challenges that plague our teen community members are bullying, substance dependency, emerging mental illness, unplanned pregnancies, criminal activity, abuse, poverty, lost identification, and dropping out of school.

Having a placement with us means having the opportunity to become part of our community living room, sitting alongside youth who are going through significant life situations, and simply listening.

If this is something that interests you, or you are in search of more information, or to inquire about a placement with us, please email Erin Connell at erin@whynotyouthcentres.com !