What if we could eliminate the reality of homelessness for good in the lives of our youth at highest risk? That is exactly what we are hoping to do with the launch of our newest venture:

Why Not Youth Housing!

When the barrier to a youth achieving success is homelessness, it can be nearly impossible to overcome. A lack of housing stability dramatically reduces the ability of a youth to plan and set goals. When the question of “where I’m going to sleep tonight” is hard to answer, all planning and progress around other goals such as “finishing my education” or “getting up for work” goes right down the drain.

We have developed a housing program that we believe is going to be pivotal in establishing our highest-risk young men in a productive adult life. By working with youth we already know and mentor, we can quickly support them as they take those first steps toward implementing their plan.

The youth in our supportive independent housing program will develop a customized goal plan that is geared toward education or employment. Throughout the maximum of three years that they live in Why Not Youth Housing, they will prepare for independent living. This means that the future families of these young men should ultimately break the cycle of dependence on social assistance, creating space for others in the community to be helped by these programs.

Get in on the Ground Floor!

Thanks to the subsidized rates offered to us by our partner Jaycee Homes, participants can be charged an affordable program fee that will cover about half the cost of the housing program. However, we have many one-time costs to get the house furnished and the program in place. There is also the ongoing need for staff to run the program and other operating costs.

Your support to help us launch Why Not Youth Housing would help shift the trajectory of these young men who are in desperate need of stability. We know this is a big undertaking, but we are eager to start to truly impact the homeless crisis in Brantford by keeping the next generation off the streets.

This is only the beginning! It’s our hope that in the years ahead we can add more houses for more young people. Below are a few ways you can support Why Not Youth Housing!

Monthly Giving

Committed monthly gifts will ensure we can continue to offer and expand this program for years to come.

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One Time Gift

Your one time gift can help off-set start up costs, purchase needed items, and prepare the process of opening a second home.

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Corporate Partnerships

If you have a business or are part of one, consider partnering with us to fight back against homelessness! Fill out the form below to find out more or contact us by email or phone to get your business connected!

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    Contact Us Directly! 

    Susan Zuidema
    Executive Director
    (519) 759-2221 ext. 202

    Taylor Bosveld
    Marketing & Communications Coordinator
    (519) 759-2221 ext. 208

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Where is the house located?
    A: Our first house is located in the heart of Brantford, within walking distance to Why Not Youth Centre. This allows for the program participants to have quick, easy access to us if they need us. Out of respect and privacy for our soon-to-be residents and our neighbours we have chosen not to disclose the exact location of the house.

    Q: Who will be living in the house?
    A: Why Not Youth Housing is open for applications for youth who regularly attend Why Not Youth Centre who are facing homelessness or who are at risk of homelessness.

    Q: Can I, or someone I know, apply to rent a room in the Why Not House(s)?
    A: Why Not Youth Housing and its programming are designed for youth who regularly attend Why Not Youth Centre. Applicants must be regular attendants of the youth centre.

    Q: Why are rooms only designated for youth who attend Why Not?
    A: Why Not Youth Housing, like Why Not Youth Centre, is founded on the principle of empowering youth through relationships. Youth facing homelessness often face a number of other barriers that prevent them from completing their education, getting a job or any other goals they might have for themselves. We have relationships with the youth who come to Why Not, we know who they are, their stories, goals, and barriers they may be up against; this means as we accept program participants into the house we can work with them having already formed relationships, to develop a program tailored to them and their goals.