How We Can Make Summer Great While Staying Flexible


We’re making plans for the summer, but we’re staying flexible. Can you help? 

You and I by now are no longer strangers to the near impossibility of making plans over this past year. How many times have you made plans just to have them cancelled or postponed or changed in some way?

We get it.

Here at Why Not, we have certainly been learning the lesson of flexibility when making plans. While it has been a challenge, we’ve learned to continue to make plans anyway but to hold them loosely knowing they could change. That is why we are moving forward and making tentative plans to have fun experiences and trips with our youth this summer.

As we approach the start of summer, I am reaching out to ask for your help to make this summer a memorable and happy one for our youth. I am hopeful that the most recent projections from our government about the reopening of our province will allow us to provide the youth we serve a somewhat “normal” summer, filled with different trips and activities both in and out of the city.

We want to keep this summer as exciting as we can! Trips to the beach, local amusement parks and activities, and at the very top of our list; camping.

These are the kind of activities and memories we are hoping to make with our youth this summer!  Many of our teens have grown up without these opportunities.  Making this happen may be even more important this year than in other years, as our youth’s mental health has plummeted throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  A summer of happy memories could go a long way toward helping erase the damage of stressors from the past year or so.

But we need your help! 

$25 will help provide a day trip to the beach! $50 will help provide a trip to a local water park or amusement park!
And $100 will cover the cost of an entire weekend of camping! 

At the top of our wish list is to take our youth to camp for a weekend.

It will be the first time we’ve taken the youth away for a weekend and we believe that now is the right time. Due to the pandemic, the natural “come and go” of the drop-in centre has been replaced by heightened engagement with youth who have deeply relied on our staff to maintain a sense of stability and normalcy.

A significant percentage of our current youth are close to aging out of the drop-in centre and so this weekend away will allow us to acknowledge and celebrate the relationships that we have built.  We want to empower our youth for the next steps in their life journey so that they can be well established for success as they move past their Why Not years.  On top of this, we want to give them a great memory that will last a lifetime!

We are excited for the summer ahead and what we have planned. But we know our plans could change in an instant, so we are ready to be flexible and take this summer as it comes, making the best of it with our youth.  I hope we can count on you to help us do so.


You can help make this summer a fun-filled reality for our youth. Just $25 will help provide a day trip to the beach for one of our youth this summer, $50 will help provide a trip to a local water park or amusement park or $100 will cover the cost of a weekend of camping! Every dollar counts and I would be so grateful if you would consider giving what you can to help make this summer a great one for our youth. 

It has been a challenging year or so, but I am so thankful for the little pockets of joy, beautiful moments of resilience and even glimmers of hope for the future, even if the future does require a little bit of flexibility.  Our youth have taken great strides and it’s been our privilege to walk beside them in a role of support over the year that has passed.