This Christmas we’re asking for something a little unconventional for our youth.


More specifically a card or message of encouragement that we can give to our youth in January when we celebrate the end of quadmester two.
(Quadmester = the school year is broken into 4 parts, a new breakdown since the beginning of COVID)

Here’s why.

When you are 15 years old and all you’ve known is hardship, it can be very isolating. Maybe it is poverty, involvement with child welfare, growing addictions, declining mental health, or school failure. Life is hard and it’s not your fault.

It’s easy in this situation to feel alone. You don’t want to share what is happening and you’re pretty sure no one would understand if you did. You look at the people around you and you compare your life to theirs. They sure have it easy and you’re pretty sure they don’t care about the fact that you have it hard.

It’s time to change that narrative.

We at Why Not know that our community loves our youth. We hear it in every email or phone call received, smell it in every meal delivered, and see it in every donation received. We know, we know, and we love it.

We want to make sure the youth know, too:

Their community sees them, and it cares.

This simple greeting card can make that happen. Check out the form below where you can write a messages of hope & encouragement to one of our youth. We will write your message into a card and give it to them in January!

Perhaps you’d consider making a small financial gift too. We’d love that.

Each night, two staff members and several volunteers and social work students are on site. It’s our staff team’s role to make sure the environment is safe and the youth’s needs are met. Why Not Youth Centre could not operate without our incredibly talented and caring staff overseeing everything.

A gift of $20 will cover about one hour of a staff member’s time. Maybe in this hour they will:
– Supervise a hopping youth centre.
– Help a youth write out a plan to start the journey to sobriety.
– Maybe they will fill in a form online so a youth can access mental health supports.
– Sit with a youth while they wait to make a police report.
– Helping with an online course,
– Prepping a youth for their G1,
– Or even driving a youth to a doctor’s appointment or to renew their health card.

A lot can be done with $20.

We thank you for your partnership and involvement over the past year with Why Not Youth Centre. And we would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

From our family to yours,

The Why Not Team


Write a message of hope & encouragement to one of our youth!

We’ll make sure to write it in a card!

(You can also submit multiple messages if you’d like.)